If You're Wondering Where Everything's Gone...

If you've been a visitor to Shugendō for Sissies! in the past, you're probably wondering where all the content has gotten off to. Fear not, it'll be back!

My hosting contract with my previous ISP came up, and I finally decided to bite the bullet and up my game by moving things from a shared virtual host over which I had minimal control to an actual virtual private server, over which I have almost complete control. As you may be noticing, I've also decided to replace the straight HTML-and-CSS site I had previously with a full-blown CMS, based on Drupal. This will allow me to provide a lot of improvements and additional capabilities as time goes on.

Anyway, please be patient as I migrate content from the old site and configure the new one. We'll be providing a much nicer, much more comprehensive site as a result.

Stay tuned!

(In the meantime, if you're dying for something to read, I recommend Brad Warner's site Hardcore Zen. Check it out, Brad's the bomb.)